Skirmishes between Moroccan delegation and Mozambique authorities (video)

Skirmishes last night in Maputo, where a meeting of TICAD (Tokyo International Conference on African Development) was held. With the Moroccan and Japanese delegations on the one hand and on the other hand the Polisario and the Mozambican authorities that the presence of the "SADR" tried to impose, that were not invited.

There would be 53 delegations of African countries are present last night, in addition to the host country (Mozambique), as agreed with Japan during a preparatory meeting in New York on 11 april 2017. To the surprise of the Moroccan delegation, led by the Moroccan Minister of Foreign Affairs Nasser Bourita, however, all of a sudden there was a "guest", in the person of Mohamed Ould Salek, who represented the SADR.

The Moroccan delegation had no choice but to protest against the presence of an entity that is not recognised by international organisations such as the UN, and certainly not by Japan. Japan is co-sponsor, with the United Nations, for an ambitious development plan for Africa. The Japanese delegation also protested the presence of SADR.

Morocco condemned, via the official Moroccan news agency MAP, strong "the maneuvers of the host country".

"As Japan has refused the puppets to allow entity since 1993 in TICAD, in compliance with the international law, the authorities of Mozambique in this meeting to impose the presence of the entity, which is not by the Japanese side was invited ".

The Mozambican authorities wanted the delegation from the SADR hold it at all costs. They have decided to act unilaterally "with their security forces, including elements in military uniform, to the members of the Japanese and Moroccan delegations to attack, completely at odds with the rules and procedures for conferences and multilateral meetings ", closed FOLDER.

Although to see is that both the Moroccan and the Japanese delegation quiet road runs, follow various skirmishes there anyway with lots of push-and pull-work:

[video = youtube; VLOxXhvp9HY] v = VLOxXhvp9HY [/video]