Three Moroccan youth victims of violence in Spain attacks aftermath

Three fully innocent Moroccan youth were recently smashed in Spain.

It's hard to stay rational after an attack and tensions running high, so also revealed recently in the Spanish Navarre. The story goes, the Moroccan news agency MAP, as confirmed that the trio attended a commemoration of the attacks in Barcelona.

When the commemoration ceremony ended and they wanted to return home some first decided to make purchases at a nearby convenience store. Once there, the owner forbade them to still unknown reason the access.

Immediately after this, persecuted the boys, between 13 and 17 years old, their way home. However, it was them not noticed that immediately after the incident at the convenience store a car containing 2 adult Spanish men followed them.

A little further stepped the now arrested two (18 and 55 years) to the 3 guys to mistreat. For the scuffle also sticks out of the vehicle were extracted and used.

Known now is that of the 3 guys 1 is so severe that he was on the damaged place-offense lost consciousness. Immediately after this he was transferred to a nearby hospital where he has had to spend the night.