Summer camp in Bouznika (video)

Some children have trouble getting during the holiday temporarily not at their family, for the others the summer camp offers many advantages.

The holiday camp in Bouznika, 50 km north of Rabat, offers several summer camps in the month of August. Le360 camera for a day followed the daily activities of the children. The camp is organised by the ' Association of social work ' of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and finance.

The summer camp 197 welcomes boys and girls from all parts of the country. The camp offers a rich program of activities. Ranging from introductory workshops (journalism, history, painting, sports) to theme nights, a visit to the beach and sightseeing in Rabat.

The children are in each case full of praise for the summer camp. "This camp is very nice, I find it hard to say goodbye. Next time I want to join to this summer camp ", says the first girl in the video.

The second girl indicates they the pool very like and all other activities.

The third girl says: "We do plays together, we eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and tell stories".

[video = youtube; t9b2S-BQBno] v = t9b2S-BQBno [/video]

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