Dismantling of a forbidden unit for the manufacture of plastic bags

A unit for the production of plastic bags was banned Tuesday dismantled at Douar Bouzanniene (region Nouaceur), there was nearly 20 tonnes of prohibited material confiscated.

Nearly 20 tons of finished products and raw materials were found by members of the Royal Gendarmerie, reported the local authorities in the province of Berrechid. At the search of the forbidden unit are also machines found (and seized) involved in the production were used, reports H24.

The operation was part of the fight against the manufacture and marketing of plastic bags that are forbidden by law No. 77-15. There is following the operation a vehicle in the center of the place Deroua (Berrechid) held that 360 kg of this illegal material transported.

The driver of the vehicle was questioned and prohibited to the owner of the unit is still active.  There is further research has been conducted to identify possible accomplices.

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