Ifrane: a popular holiday resort in Morocco (video)

Many tourists choose to visit during the summer for the sea, others opt for the mountains and more specifically the city of Ifrane. A popular holiday resort for tourists, both Moroccans and foreigners.

The city of Ifrane, with the nickname ' little Switzerland ', has 30,000 inhabitants. It is located in the Middle Atlas, on 1713 metres above sea level and has a temperate climate in summer thanks to its geographical location, the water sources and the thousands of acres of forest that surround.

Holidaymakers who visit come from all regions of Morocco: from Fes, Casablanca and even from the North. The Moroccans who live in the Kingdom have the willing to make a long trip to Ifrane, in search of peace and freshness.

Ifrane is known for its waterfalls, and the places near the waterfalls where hundreds of families like to have a picnic. Le360 spoke to a number of holiday-makers in the city.

The first man says, "I and my wife are here come up with the camper and come every year to Ifrane, we live in Netherlands. The children also came with it when they were small, now, to each his own life ".

The third man gives: "almost every year we come to Ifrane, which nature, it is very beautiful, the weather is very good too. This year I have noted that there is less water and that it is less clean, it is important that it is clean. I hope I can visit this beautiful city again next year. I come from Aa N, to be exact from Z ".

[video = youtube; 3sEGlGluHL8] https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = 3sEGlGluHL8 [/video]