Book ' Fez: the soul of Morocco ' handed over to King Mohammed VI on his birthday

During the birthday reception of King Mohammed VI (last Monday), he was given a special gift: a book about the long and rich history of Fez.

The collective work entitled ' Fes: l'Ame du Maroc-1200 ans d'histoire ' (Fez: the soul of Morocco-1200 years of history) was offered to the King by Othman Benjelloun, a leading Moroccan businessman.

The ' Foundation Benjelloun-Madani ' it financed project that was founded as an addition for earlier works about Morocco's spiritual city, reports Moroccoworldnews.

The book is a journey through the history of the former capital city of Morocco from its creation to modern times. In the book, the various ruling dynasties which ruled both the city and Morocco explored.

The book emphasizes the beauty of Fez with its historical monuments and rich past, making it by various age groups has become a highly sought after textbook.

The collective work, which is the result of a collaboration between researchers from Morocco and abroad, 42 is published in four languages: Arabic, French, Spanish and English.

Founded between 789 and 808 AD by the Idrisid dynasty, Morocco's first ruling Muslim family, the city has since then played an important role in the local history. Chosen as the capital by different dynasties and home to All Qarawiyyin, the oldest university in the world, Fez is by many regarded as the soul of Morocco for a long time.

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