Morocco: Sun, sea, beach and what else?

A country in Northern Africa surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, the Strait of Gibraltar and the Atlantic Ocean, or Morocco.

The land of the mountains, beaches, wild nature and desert. The land of crowds in the big modern cities and the land of tranquillity in the remote villages, where in the morning Daniel the only alarm clock is ..... from the stah (roof terrace) looking at the sky where the stars reflect the Oriental splendor of Morocco.

Morocco is an ideal holiday destination if you are looking for the Sun, mountains, nature or just want to rest and enjoy little things. Are you rather an adventurer? Morocco has also then you have a lot of challenges such as backpacking, mountain climbing and sandboarding. Also for those who prefer hours through the colorful souks would walk there are plenty of possibilities. Are you looking for culture? Take a city trip and enjoy the architecture, for example, which in itself is an art is, in short, for each there is taste!

In the summer months, it is delicious hot, so hot that a walk out often takes place in the afternoon, because it usually what cools. Also a siesta is a must in the sultry summer days. The skin turns brown, the sea fills with people who find and cooling the countless dining options hitting full but not only in summer is Morocco suitable for a wonderful holiday.

Morocco in april blooms beautifully on, it looks through the flowers and trees from colorful and it's not as busy as during the summer. It is also cooler and also the wallet experiences more rest because the tickets are often cheaper and go down the prices of many products in the souks because there are fewer tourists.

There are countless activities and attractions to experience in Morocco. Hence we starting next week a series of articles will be sharing with you about Moroccan cities, sights and further useful information. Keep an eye!

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