Year Netflix not yet grown

More and more Dutch people watch Netflix. One in three has a subscription, especially in their twenties, and that number will grow, however, for the time being.

The way we watch television is plenty of changing. "We feel good, but we don't want to sit back, satisfied because we are ambitious," said Vice President Todd Yellin.

Netflix is Tuesday 20 years. It was not long before Marc Randolph and programmer Reed Hastings started service with the rental of DVDs, when brand new. Customers could order a movie and got those will be sent by post. Did Netflix on a striking way: without loan terms or fines. People were allowed to borrow if they wanted for as long and as often as they wanted. It was a success, Netflix in 2002 went to the stock market and Randolph and Hastings, already not arm, were very rich.

Ten years ago threw the helm to Netflix. The dvd disappeared from view, people went online, look at the time that they themselves came out. Netflix used the same principle as in the DVDs: for a fixed amount per month people could see what they wanted, when they wanted to, as many times as they wanted. The ' bingewatchen ' was born.

Netflix still develops. So recently came the first interactive movies and series. Viewers can decide which way the story goes. Or a character friendly or aggressive, for example. The episode that someone sees, may be different than what appears on tv at the neighbours.

One of the greatest successes is the series Narcos, on the Colombian drug Lord Pablo Escobar. Yellin calls Narcos a Trojan. "We Americans are not accustomed to subtitles as you Dutchmen. At Narcos we do though. People hear Spanish without them understand and read subtitles without them brands. And Americans learn to look to foreign movies again. "

Netherlands is still missing. Netflix does have Dutch films and cabaret performances, but still no Dutch ' originals ', productions that are exclusive to Netflix. But that's a matter of time, says Yellin. "Eventually happens though. I would be shocked if we would not do. Netherlands has many storytellers. "

The big loser of the whole story is the rental chain Blockbuster. Who could buy Netflix for 50 million dollars in 2000. Hastings was derided by the top of the company. Meanwhile, Blockbuster bankrupt. It could no longer compete with Netflix.