Tangier: sick man forced to leave money to pin down ambulance

A new scandal in Morocco does the round on social media and many Moroccans react furious.

In Tangier was a sick man from the ambulance met to first pins before they transported him to the hospital. Well this is an incident which unfortunately is not new, but so clearly for the first time on camera is recorded and so massive is shared. Moroccans who see the movie are rightly furious.

The man is obviously seriously ill and on the video to see that he is on a stretcher for the ATM machine is to make pins, accompanied by ambulance staff. According to the poster of the movie was made the incident Friday around midnight in the city of Tangier.

[video = youtube; vTBidP1iMXU] https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = vTBidP1iMXU [/video]