190 Moroccan migrants repatriated from Libya (video)

190 Moroccan nationals, who were stranded for months, were repatriated from Libya this weekend.

According to the agency responsible for the fight against illegal immigration in Tripoli, it will be the second and last time that a group of migrants will be repatriated from Libya to Morocco.

The Moroccan migrants hoped to, via sea and from Libya, to reach Europe. They tried to make use of the lack of controls and security in the country. The country is one of the main routes of migrants to Europe.

The 190 migrants (including 8 women) went through two direct flights from Tripoli to Rabat. Most of the migrants were from Fqih Bacchus and Beni Mellal.

In the video below we see the Moroccan migrants for their repatriation in a plane of the company Afriqiyah Airlines. One of them speaks a message of thanks to King Mohammed VI and the officials concerned for their intervention, followed by applause and yoeyoe's of his fellow citizens that all like back to home.

[video = youtube; cJzZJFFgF50] https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = cJzZJFFgF50 [/video]

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