Victim sexual abuse in bus per today included in psychiatric Center (video)

Zineb, victims of sexual abuse in a bus in Casablanca, is per today included in a psychiatric Center in Casablanca.

"Zineb Monday morning will be included in a health centre specialized in psychiatric conditions," reported her family yesterday to the Moroccan news medium Lefr360. The family had the Minister of health, Lahcen Louardi, asked to personally to intervene so that their daughter long-term help get after the dramatic incident where their daughter victim of was.

Zineb, who for years to psychiatric disorders, had itself also asked for help and said the rape her a terrible trauma. "I am asking for help to get the right medical treatment, because I suffer," said Zineb in an interview (on interview is below the article attached).

This scandal has seriously rattled in the Moroccan society, to the point that even Parliament was concerned and the Minister of Interior, Laftit, Lakshmi has called in the House of representatives for responding a questions session.

[video = youtube; QVzHB-jzHuI] v = QVzHB-jzHuI [/video]

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