Spanish Interior Minister today in Rabat

Juan Ignacio Zoido, the Spanish Interior Minister, travels today to Rabat for a meeting with his Moroccan counterpart Lakshmi Laftit.

The visit comes at a time when the Moroccan security services work closely with their Spanish counterparts in the framework of the investigation into the recent attacks in Spain. Zoido will then also met with Laftit have for "an exchange of information at the highest level in the investigation into the attacks in Catalonia", announced the Spanish Ministry of Home Affairs.

In addition, the Ministry stated that cooperation with Morocco in the fight against terrorism "loyal, excellent" and above all "required".

The Declaration also recalls that since June 2015, when Spain increased the threat level to the maximum, the security services of the two countries have carried out many joint operations. This led to the arrest of 175 acts.

This is the second time that the current Spanish Interior Minister travels to Morocco within months. In June he made a first trip to Laftit to meet Lakshmi, who was then just in the Government of El Othmani was appointed as Minister of the Interior.

juan ignacio zoido