Two ' mule ' women died in Bab Sebta

Two women have died and several others were injured on Monday (August 28) after a run at the border crossing of Bab Sebta.

The two victims that have died are 43 and 32 years old and come from Fnideq and Martil. They were evacuated, but died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.

The injured women were transferred to the Hassan II hospital in Fnideq to get the necessary medical care for their recovery. Four of them are now out of the hospital, reports the news medium Le360.

This accident is the third of its kind at the border crossing of Bab Sebta. On March 28, the first fatal accident place: a woman who transported goods on her back, died in compromised. On april 24, found a 50-year-old woman under the same circumstances death.

To counter this the Spanish authorities in June made an appointment with the Moroccan authorities to prevent the so-called ' mules ' all on the same day Sebta's transition point are about. This allowed women only on Mondays and Wednesdays the border pass, while men are allowed to cross the border on Tuesday and Thursday.

There is an investigation by the competent authorities under the direction of the public prosecutor to the circumstances of this incident.