Delegation of inhabitants M'rirt holds sit-in for Spanish Embassy in Rabat (video)

Representatives of the population of M'rirt, where four of the alleged perpetrators of the terrorist attacks in Barcelona come from, have yesterday during a sit-in for the Spanish Embassy in Rabat expressed their indignation at the actions of the alleged perpetrators.

The delegation was composed of a dozen inhabitants of civil society by M'rirt, a small town in the Middle Atlas. The delegation shouted slogans that condemn terrorism and the pacifism of their city.

"We encourage dialogue, peace and coexistence between religions", said Hassan Sbai, a lawyer working in Spain, but originally from M'rirt.

The delegation then burned candles as a tribute to the victims, after which they handed a petition to the Spanish Embassy in which condemned the attacks in Spain.

One of the delegates said that the four suspected perpetrators M'rirt left at the age of 7 and M'rirt has no responsibility. "It is in Spain where they are indoctrinated," he concluded.

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