Ouezzane: fish threatened by growing cannabis

By the exhaustion of water through the irrigation needs of farmers who cultivate, thousands of fish died in kif Ouezzane dramatically by lack of oxygen.

This northern region of Morocco is known for the farmers who grow kif. This activity is, however, a danger for the life of the fish in the region. After the depletion of ground water and surface water were many fish in Ouezzane found dead, by lack of oxygen.

According to the daily newspaper Assabah have different associations shared photos that show the use of pipes with pumps to large amounts of water in the municipality Brikcha in Ouezzane. This has a negative impact on the fauna and flora of the region. Thousands of fish died from lack of oxygen and the shortage of drinking water is proving to be a big problem for the residents of the municipality.

According to the same source, the members of the associations repeatedly the ' Commissariat of Waters and forests ' (Staatsbosbeheer) warned. However, this has so far only reluctant intervened, given the wide dissemination of the kif-fields and the power that drug lords have on water resources in the region.