Mega project in development, 2.5 billion dirham Morocco invests in solar energy

In Morocco there is enough sun, hence the great opportunities perspective what the Moroccan Government for keeps when it comes to solar energy.

A national programme with a total installed capacity of 15 (Wp) is currently being developed. This new plan focuses on 100,000 ha and 20,000 companies over a period of 3 years. The total cost of this program are estimated at 2.5 billion dirham.

The Energy Minister, Aziz Rebbah, said that "this program is part of the implementation of the national energy efficiency strategy to 2030. A program that diversifies energy sources, while priority is given to renewable energy sources, which is 42% of the electricity generated in 2020 will be part and 52% by 2030 ".

Specifically, this program serves small and medium-sized farmers to make with water pumps that work on electricity that is produced from solar panels. They can improve their efficiency, while they save water and energy.

solar energy