New arrests in Morocco to Spain attacks

The Moroccan authorities have arrested two people in connection with the investigation into the terrorist attacks earlier this month in Catalonia, according to the Spanish Interior Minister, Juan Ignacio Zoido.

One is suspected to have delivered to the terreurcel gas cylinders, said a source involved in the Spanish investigation.

This suspect was picked up in Casablanca. The other suspect was according to Spanish media held in Oujda; He would be one of the members of the family terreurcel.

Zoido claimed Tuesday in Rabat consultation with his Moroccan counterpart. He said the Spanish and Moroccan authorities in the research work closely together.

Most members of the terreurcel were Moroccans and the imam under whose influence they were radicalized was short for the attack traveled to . They had in a villa in Alcanar South of Barcelona more than 120 bottles butane gas collected, presumably for one or more large attacks. However, the use of explosives exploded prematurely during the preparation.

The surviving members of the cell decided to ride on the Ramblas in Barcelona pedestrians and passers-by to attack in the seaside resort of Cambrils. Sixteen people came by the attacks.

The police shot six of the attackers dead. Two were killed by the explosion in Alcanar. Four other people were arrested, two of whom are still stuck