Obstacles sidewalks Rotterdam against attacks

On sidewalks in the Witte de Withstraat and the Believes in Rotterdam are taken measures to prevent attacks with vehicles.

The municipality will also perform at the redesign of the Coolsingel, which takes place over the next few years.

The streets are not closed, but there are obstacles to the entrance on foot paths placed on groups of people. In cities such as London, Berlin and Barcelona were that way all attacks. The French real estate group took itself recently Klépierre all physical measures against driving into at the market hall and Alexandrium. The college says in the foreseeable future, starting with the realisation of the obstacles. What barriers there, is not yet clear.

The coming period is examined or in other streets the same measures to be taken. In future refurbishment plans of streets are such barriers directly.

Mayor and aldermen stress that there is no specific threat, but that the measures "fit within the current threat level". The city of Rotterdam in recent years before took temporary measures to the entrance on masses of people. So were at events like the Marathon, the national Fireworks and the honouring of Feyenoord roadblocks and trucks posted.