' 18,000 Rohingya fled to Bangladesh '

About 18,000 fled to Bangladesh from Myanmar Rohingya last week, says the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

The Rohingya trying to escape the worst violence in the Northwest of Myanmar in the last five years. Many are sick or injured and some have bullet-and burns. There are also many deaths, but the exact number is not unknown.

The IOM said it was difficult to estimate is how many people are stranded in a piece of no man's land on the border between the two countries. Estimates indicate that hundreds of refugees there.

"The situation is terrible, houses are on fire, all the people ran away from their homes, parents and children were lost each other, some are missing, some are dead," said Abdullah, 25 years and a Rohingya from the region of Buthidaung, to Reuters.

Britain has called for an emergency session of the Security Council on Wednesday about the escalating violence between the Rohingya and security forces in Myanmar.