Italy deports Moroccan who threatened to poison drinking water installation

The Italian Ministry of the Interior has deported a Moroccan man who was as a danger to State security. He threatened to poison the drinking water installation in Rome.

The 37-year-old man was deported from Italy on Monday 28 August i.v.m. State security. Various Italian media have reported that this decision was taken by the Italian Minister of the Interior, Marco Minitti.

The man was already in detention posted in connection with a drug trafficking case and was considered dangerous by the Italian penitentiary administration. In particular following the statements he had made after the terrorist attack on the Bardo museum in Tunis in March 2015.

He described the act as a "good answer to the military intervention of the international coalition in Muslim countries," according to the Italian news source La Repubblica. He said, according to the same source, that he would have no trouble with entering the Vatican to commit to an attack or even the entire water system in Rome to poison.

This guy was the source of several violent incidents in the prison where he was locked up.