Casablanca: M'dina Bus transport company reveals figures of violent incidents

In a period of 3.5 years were more than 14,000 violent incidents recorded in the coaches of the transportation company M'dina Bus. The transport company also gives an overview of the risk areas.

After the filmed sexual abuse in one of their buses in Casablanca, the transportation company now figures released by violent incidents on board their bus fleet.

For example, the transport company that between January 2014 and July 2017 more than 14,310 violent incidents have been registered in the buses.

From the information that was provided by M'dina bus, also shows that 768 people were victims of physical violence. All these incidents have led to 22 million dirham to material damage.

The transport company also gives an overview with regard to the most dangerous areas. As there was in the city of Mohammedia 1635 violent incidents on board the coaches registered.

In Casablanca, the Hay Hassani district tops the list with 2842 violent incidents. Around Anfa 1359 violent incidents were recorded.