Lawyer: Jimmy f. did nothing criminal b

The 22-year-old man from Seven mountains that last week was arrested in connection with terror threat in Rotterdam, according to his lawyer Michael Ball committed no offence.

Jimmy f. has according to its "always good intentions". He says he wanted to unmask terrorists over the internet. "I am convinced that he is guilty of no offence."

"He thought he was talking with an IS-sympathizer", says ball over the chat conversation that presumably led to his arrest. The man tried to come more often behind information about terrorism. His lawyer says that in the past he has passed on information to the authorities. What services that were, she wanted to tell yet. Also what f. exactly has said in his chats they currently want to not get rid of.

Ball has "great difficulty" that her client still stuck. Justice suspect f. formally of "involvement in terrorist offences". According to the lawyer, the judge "but for a very small part" in the allegations followed. "The court-appointed receiver has said that there is no suspicion of terrorism. The only reproach that he sees is sedition. "

The Rotterdam court Wednesday made known that F. two weeks longer in custody. As usual the arraignment was not public. The Court was Wednesday evening not reachable for a comment.

So far, the lawyer in the media could not go into the matter, because the suspect in restrictions. The court-appointed receiver has that measure now defunct. According to Ball that happened on her request.

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