Attractions Amsterdam practicing for attack

Tourist attractions in Amsterdam go together with the police and emergency services practicing how to deal with an impending attack.

Also be possible in some locations, additional measures, such as that last week also is discussed with entrepreneurs in the capital.

In doing so, for example, to remember the shorten queues at attractions or its protection, so they may be less easy a target of a terrorist attack with a vehicle. Also, the focus is on the traffic flow in certain places. Locations as the ' Heineken Experience ' and the ' Museumplein ' are in the conversation of the triangle with representatives of tourist attractions, so writes Mayor Eberhard van der Laan to the City Council.

The Mayor, police and public prosecutor's Office said last week already looking at possible additional measures in the city. The attacks with vehicles according to Varma clear that all busy places in major cities a conceivable target, especially if the places are of an international symbolic value. He stresses, however, that there is no specific information about an attack and that this move fits in the current, substantial threat picture. The capital already struck various visible and invisible measures.