The Hague waiting at book trade

The municipality of the Hague Friday will keep an eye on what is happening at the property where the Foundation has an Islamic book shop Qanitoen.

The Syrian-Lebanese imam Fawaz Jneid has called for towards via Facebook to come for a prayer service for the feast of sacrifice. But the municipality does not want in the property services are held, because it only as business space may be used.

The municipality has since been summary proceedings instituted, because there are still services take place. "The fact that we are now actively calling for tomorrow to come to a prayer service, strengthens the municipality only but in its position that the so-called book store no more than a cover", reports a spokesman. Should the proceedings on 19 October. Until the judge's ruling will not take any new steps the municipality.

The imam reports that he not itself to the property in the Cillierstraat. He has of Minister Stef Blok (security and justice) an area banned for the districts of Transvaal and Schilderswijk. The reason for this is that he is a "intolerant message" would propagate and thus contributes to radicalisation in neighborhoods where all the stress. Jneid does not agree and contends that in turn. If the imam the measure violated, then the police will immediately occur, according to the municipality.

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