' Lost ' last strongholds is Daesh Syria quickly

The last strongholds of the terror group in Syria Daesg are believed to be at the end of October.

Staffan Mistura, that has the the UN Envoy for Syria, against the BBC said. Then according to the Mistura preparations for "credible" elections.

The UN Envoy thinks that it should be possible one year after the fall of the last Daesh-strongholds a fair balloting. He finds that the Government of president Bashar al-Assad is to make a "gesture" to the Syrian people and there itself has an interest in. The Mistura warns that if elections lack, comes to the surface again soon Daesh.

The three places where still holding his Daesh Raqqa, Deir al-Zor and Idlib. The Mistura expects the Americans and the US supported Syrian Democratic forces Raqqa release and that the Syrian army with the support of Moscow Deir al-Zor. In Idlib Daesh warriors are beset by Fateh al-Sham, the former al-Nusra Front.