' People stirred up against Marcouch '

Labour Party Chairman Hans Spekman says that people are stirred up against his fellow party member Ahmed Marcouch, the new mayor of Arnhem.

In the radio program wall to wall, he states that this has happened by PVV leader Geert Wilders and Thierry Baudet of Forum for democracy.

The installation of Marcouch as Mayor of Arnhem was Friday briefly disrupted. Three activists called in the Chicago City Hall from the Gallery "Marcouch get out".

According to Salah is become more extreme and stir up the already happened from the time the nomination of PvdA'er with Moroccan roots was known. He began going to stir up on Twitter and went with Wilders Baudet. "They're trying to outshout each other," said Salah.

Wilders demonstrated in July at the Town Hall of Arnhem against the nomination. According to the PVV leader wanted Marcouch rather from Amsterdam Nieuw-West "an Islamic city part" PvdA'er "and is the fan of the islamofascistische Muslim brother al-Qaradawi".