Sale: a beautiful city with a rich history (video)

Salé, the twin city of Rabat, separated from Rabat by the Bouregreg River, has a rich ancient history. Different monuments bear witness to this ancient splendor.

Lefr360 camera has a tour of the historical places of sale, particularly in the Medina that was founded in the early twelfth century by Almohades. The city was then amplified by a series of walls with huge ports, particularly those of Bab Mrisa close to the city centre, Bab Bouhaja, Bab El-Khémiss and Borj Addoumoue.

Among the other monuments is the Grand Mosque "masjid Al Aadam", this was built between 1028 and 1029. In 1196 it was restored and extended at the request of Yacoub El Mansour. This building was the third largest mosque in the Kingdom in terms of size and importance after the Qaraouiyine of Fez and the Hassan II mosque in Casablanca. It was also the place where the nationalists from Salé in the 1930s against the French colonialism competed.

The Medina of Salé also contains beautiful homes. The history of the city was also enriched during the reign of the Meriniden in the thirteenth century, at that time made Sale a remarkable development. The recently restored Mérinides Medersa was a Centre for knowledge and development of the sciences.

The were a Muslim dynasty that of 1244 to 1465 about Morocco and Algeria and Tunisia areas in South Spain, prevailed. By the end of the Almohad-Dominion conquered the Meriniden, a tribe of the Zenata Berbers in Morocco and whole-1269, established there a private dynasty. Not only FES, Fes Jdid district in 1270 (' new Fes) founded, but also other Moroccan cities (including Sale) by them were graced with beautiful buildings.

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