The sixth season of ' Sanaat Bladi ' opens tonight (video)

The first television program in the world dedicated to craftsmen and decorative crafts today will appear on the screen.

After a short absence in 2016 is the famous program ' Sanaat Bladi Al Jil Al Jadid ', dedicated to the discovery of rare pearls in the National craftsmanship, back again.

In the tv contest, broadcast on the 2 m-channel, going 24 young craftsmen (13 girls and 11 boys) the fight with each other. Coming from the best training centres in the Kingdom, they are accompanied by experts during the program.

With the primary mission to Moroccan heritage and know-how to emphasize, is the new season dedicated to Moroccan craftsmanship and will be focused around six categories: weaving, wood, metal and leather processing, ceramics and embroidery.

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