Ends police action on Islamic school

The action on the roof of the new secondary school in Amsterdam, the New Islamic-West was terminated by the police.

The two men with balaclavas over their head protested, with a working platform and held down.

The two of Identitair the action group had Done a banner hung on the wall with the text: ' Who will sow, sharia Islam harvesting '.

In a statement the Identitair Resistance wrote: "the proposed opening of the Islamic high school in Amsterdam Sloterdijk to Naritaweg is undesirable because of the sympathy of Board members for the Salafism in the recent past."

The Council of State ruled this summer that the Foundation can start a school Islamic education in Amsterdam. This was surprisingly Tom Davis of the Secretary of State (education), which is said to have little confidence in the governance of the school.

Activists of the Identitair resistance, that is, in his own words dedicated to the preservation of the Dutch identity, occupying last weekend even though the construction site of a new mosque in Venlo. The police ended the protest with the arrest of four people.