Chefchaouen: take law into its own hands Inhabitants

In a video on social media is to see how the local inhabitants in Chefchaouen own handy 2 thieves and although the responses are positive, many also question whether they also had to be so humiliated.

Two thieves entered a house in Bab Berred in the province of Chefchaouen. They were getting caught by the local residents. Tied up, beaten and abused, they were then subject to a humiliated interrogation. And all this was filmed and put online.

According to Alyaoum24, which this information message, the two young thieves come from the city of Sidi Kacem. They would have kept an eye on the House, in which a man lives alone. The latter, which felt that the guys what were planning, called his neighbors out there not long about did to to his rescue.

The thieves overpowered the neighbors and warned the members of the Royal Gendarmerie. But for the arrival of the police, the thieves were severely beaten. This is not new in Morocco and certainly not the first time. It raises the question of whether people have the right to take the law into its own hands, where the law is violated.

It also calls upon the question on whether this is a simple burglary attempt. Bab Berred is known as a city where cannabis is cultivated on a large scale.