Sale: wedding Agency brings couples together in Exchange for 10% of the dowry

On a whole this wedding Agency acts legally in sale successfully, one can go there for a suitable marriage partner.

Started five years ago, Mohammed and his wife from the centrally located Salé their marriage Agency. Fully lined according to the Moroccan legislation, as late Mohammed Akhbar Al Yaoum know opposite the Moroccan media.

Their Office charges a Commission of 10% of the dowry for the particular service. It works like this: you write your in, then execute then a conversation where discussed is what your requirements and expectations are and you in the system.

You can compare the working principle with how a dating site. If someone reacts positive on the profile of the other than a meeting place on the desk itself. Click it during the meeting the family members of the couple brought together.

The initiator stresses, however, that the percentage will be charged only when the marriage is official.

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