Ouarzazate: security forces arresting gang members involved in violent bank robberies

The gang had already coined for long periods of time on various bank branches in the region.

After their latest raid on a bank in Ouarzazate was soon over for 3 of violent robbery suspect detainees. Soon after their escape attempt to locate the local authorities knew the triad, they kept themselves at that time on in Skoura, a village not far from Ouarzazate.

From a press release from the Directorate General of national security (DGSN) is that the suspects already for long periods of time, for instance in the region. It has been seen that the gang after brief research in addition to the 10,000 dirham spoils of the robbery in Ouarzazate, formerly larger battles has beaten.

Talk about outside of around 80 million and 54 million dirham dirham (both dirham and foreign currency) divided over only 2 operations. This would then have been the biggest outside a bank robbery.

It will not be long or the threesome will have to answer for their crimes before the courts.

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