Street vendors Fes gradually take complete areas over, much to the chagrin of residents

It starts to be a true headache file for the local government, however, continues to maintain the decisive.

The Moroccan medium L'Économiste made today reported a fast-growing phenomenon in certain districts of the town of Fès. Street vendors should so emphatically that it would reduce the quality of life of those on districts.

Pinpoint the areas/neighborhoods Bendebbab, Mont Fleuri, Assaâda, El Aouinate Sidi Hajjaj, Baldwin and Bab Ftouh as epicenter of this phenomenon. So the sellers rigging to their tents and tables where "people to buy them. This, among other things, to the chagrin of motorists, of course this self-set markets draw many shoppers.

In some places be complete sidewalks retrieved as at the Ibn Malik Tajmouti mosque. We await action by the local government, which remains still out.

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