Sebta: Tarajal border crossing closed for 20 days

After the tragedy that took place last Monday and what the food cost of two women, the Moroccan and Spanish authorities agreed to the Tarajal border crossing for 20 days to close for freight transport.

The newspaper Al-Ahdath Al-Maghribia reported yesterday that the Tarajal border crossing-17 september is closed for all transport of goods. This is a joint decision of the Moroccan and Spanish authorities after the death of two women who transported goods on their backs. She died on 28 August at risk at the fences.

Al-Ahdath mentions that the local authorities in Sebta this closure will use for a reorganization and better security. The results of the ongoing investigation by the Moroccan security service, which is aimed at the exact circumstances of the death of the two women, can help prevent such tragedies take place again and again.