Souss-Massa: rural hostels now connected to satellite internet

As part of the promotion of tourism in the Souss-Massa area is an operation launched to connect to internet via satellite to rural accommodation.

This operation is performed by the rural tourism development network (RDTR) in the region, which currently supports its members in digital promotion through tools such as the online booking system and promotional websites, reports the Moroccan Press Office folder.

"Souss-Massa has an enormous cultural potential, making it a destination that is very appreciated by tourists", it said in a press release RDTR. They remembered that the sector needs to further develop internet necessarily, a mission that was very difficult to reach because most accommodations in the rural regions of Souss-Massa do not have access to the internet.

To address this problem, the RDTR chosen for the solution of satellite internet, said President Ahmed Sabri. In contrast to ADSL or cable has this technology was, in fact, a national network for broadband access.

Thanks to this solution, the members of the RDTR are present on the internet and a good connection to meet the needs of their customers and to improve their visibility through the various promotional channels, including social networks. At the same time, tourists and visitors to these areas to take advantage of the internet access during their stay.