Casablanca is concerned about possible default cemeteries

Casablanca in 2030 will go get it very difficult to take place to bury the dead. The two main cemeteries in that year will be completely full.

Over 13 years, the residents of Casablanca more care about where to bury the dead than the parking problems and the little green in the city. The problem will then in all probability so great that they have almost no more room to bury their dead.

The news medium Assabah reported yesterday that the Chairmen of the two main cemeteries of the metropolis, and have beaten All Ghofrane Arrahma, recently alarm. This they did during meetings with the authorities and elected officials, including Mustapha Bakkoury, President of the region of Casablanca-Settat.

According to the newspaper, which the Presidents of the two cemeteries quotes, already has two-thirds of its land already used Ghofrane. Assabah reports that this cemetery has reached 200,000 the number of graves. There are daily between 30 and 50 bodies retrieved to be buried.

What concerns, the other major Arrahma cemetery in Casablanca, is the use on 50% of the capacity of the cemetery. Here, too, the lack of space in 2030, according to the President.

Assabah also recalls that the management of a cemetery is not limited to the burial of the dead. They emphasize that those responsible ensure that other criteria also on order, such as street lighting, security, parking lots and planting.  For this reason, ask the operators of the cemeteries in Casablanca to more resources. The above two cemeteries received 3.6 million dirham per year, while more than 3.5 million dirham is their Edition. The small surplus of approximately 80,000 dirham let them not much room for manoeuvre.