Morocco and Spain jointly terreurcel roll on

A terreurcel consisting of six Daesh-trailer, including a Moroccan living in Melilla, is rolled up.

The cell was active in the region on the outskirts of Beni Chiker Nador, reported a statement by the Moroccan Interior Ministry this morning.

This operation led by the security and intelligence service BCIJ coincided with the arrest by the Spanish security forces in Melilla by the 39-year-old leader of this terreurcel.

Studies have shown, the same source added that the members of this cell were active in the recruitment of young people for the barbaric acts of Daesh Daesh and glorified.

The members of the cell wanted to commit terrorist attacks in Morocco and Spain. The Group held at night physical training and practiced (by means of simulation) on the off and beheading of victims.

The Spanish media is raved about the good cooperation with Morocco, so wrote El Pais: "this good cooperation has made it possible to neutralise a threat which is dangerous for both countries".