WORLD CUP 2018: remaining qualification programme for Morocco, still plenty of chance on World Cup ticket

The current state in the qualifying Group including the remaining duels to World Cup qualifying to be able to force.

Despite the scoreless match game last night in Bamako, there is plenty of opportunity to still to enforce qualification for the World Cup in 2018 Russia's. By the present from earlier in the evening by Ivory Coast, the 1-2 home loss against Gabon, Morocco is 1 point run-in on the group leader. The proverbial calculator at almost every qualifying series of the Moroccan national football team can therefore be left in the la. An additional advantage is that the Moroccan goal, if only in the group, clean is held by its goalkeeper Munir. All other group members over the last 4 matches got hits.

1. Ivory Coast(7:3) with 7 points from 4 matches

3. Gabon(2:4) with 5 points from 4 games
4. Mali(1:9) with 2 points from 4 games

07/10/2017: Morocco vs. Gabon (in Casablanca, 21:00 uk time)
06/11/2017: Ivory Coast vs. Morocco (exact information is given yet)

In short, Morocco has everything in its own hands. However has also become Gabon become a direct competitor.

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