Netherlands plays major role in money laundering

Netherlands and Great Britain play a large role in suspicious bank transactions that have to do with money laundering. Two-thirds of such transactions in Europe takes place in these two countries.

That says Europol, the partnership of the police in the countries of the European Union. The service has access to figures from 2014. In that year the Dutch authorities received notification of 277,000 suspicious bank acts. In Great Britain were 350,000 transactions reported suspected laymen.

The banks in Europe in 2014 reported a total of almost a million transactions which they suspected that those with money laundering. The police came, however, not always in action. Only one in ten reports was verified.

The plea by Europol is obvious: more reports of possible money laundering matter. Europol came up with specific figures on Italy. Here, in 2014 at a cost of no less than 164 billion in suspicious transactions.

Most money laundering refer to money from the drug trade, according to Europol.

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