N: scammer picked up those French visa promised to victims

The Royal Gendarmerie in the Nador province has arrested a man accused of the light up by people who wanted to obtain a visa for France.

More than 200 people who dreamt of a Schengen visa to visit France, in particular, were ripped off for a total sum of 10 million dirham. The con artist promised them a visa for France in Exchange for a large sum of money.

Al Massae today reports that the services of the Royal Gendarmerie of the rural town of Nador province, recently arrested Arekmane, crook.

The man, with the nickname "Lalani", myself lived longer time in Europe before returning to Morocco, believed his victims that he could settle the visa really. In addition, the man was seen as very religious and the right hand of the local imam. The victims gave their passports also on the con artist.

After the visa was not achieved and the victims had reclaimed their passport and money several times, but this is not got, they did eventually return to the man. After examining the Royal Gendarmerie decided to arrest the man.

Al Massae points out that this case is not the first of its kind. So the authorities reported in July that in the city of Ras El Mae the authorities end the activities of a scam artist who is also a Schengen visa to promised his victims. He took out a total of 800,000 dirham.