Terror suspects: we wanted to bank robberies

The French authorities have arrested three people after the find of ingredients of explosives. The defendants claim according to the authorities that they were preparing a bank robbery, but are suspected of terrorist activities.

The police arrested the suspects after a RAID on an apartment in the Paris suburb of Villejuif ingredients were detected among extremists of the popular explosive TATP. A plumber had tipped the authorities about suspicious situations.

"The people where research is done talked about blowing up a bank with TATP," said Minister Gérard Collomb (Home Affairs) against radio station France info. "But the way we see it is that they have ties to terrorism."

The authorities found Thursday also added a second stock suspicious substances near Paris. That happened when the police raided did in a garage that was hired by one of the three, a justice source said.

TATP (acetone peroxide) is regarded as a very dangerous and relatively easy to produce explosive already is used for multiple attacks. In april the French authorities found about three kilos of the substance from a RAID on a house in Marseille.

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