Morocco deports Group sub-Saharan migrants after clashes with local residents in Tanger

Morocco has 80 sub-Saharan migrants deported to their respective countries after clashes with a group of young Moroccans.

The District Attorney's Office in Tangier reported that the migrants, whose nationalities are not known, were deported after they were arrested because they are in battle were hit with inhabitants in the District of Masnana.

Security agents had intervened after they were aware of clashes between the migrants and residents of the neighborhood. There were no specific details about the collisions, the names of the migrants or the exact date of their deportation.

This is not the first time that the inhabitants of the neighborhood and sub-Saharan migrants have come into conflict. Two days before the incident, a scuffle broke out between a group of migrants and members of a Moroccan family, reports Moroccoworldnews.

Official statistics issued in 2014 estimate that the number of illegal immigrants in Morocco was about 40,000. End 2016 Morocco launched the second phase of the regularization of illegal immigrants in the country. The approach is progressive and focused on the economic and social integration of the high risk groups, most of them come from sub-Saharan countries.