Moroccan Rabbi will finally back to Morocco to fight poverty in homeland

The spiritual wants to achieve this by important and large business people to unite in order to generate financial resources for this intention.

Abraham Jahani, a Moroccan Jew and now so Rabbi, left more than 20 years ago his homeland to live in Jerusalem. After a recent visit to Morocco he was terrified very much of the poverty and low standards of living where many Moroccan citizens have to go in, "not only in villages, but also in large cities such as Casablanca.

In an interview with the tv channel Al-Hurra he tells about a plan what he soon hopes to be able to roll, Jahani would cause business people that they contribute monthly to this poverty and its effects.

In order to achieve this he chose to leave Jerusalem and finally to settle in Morocco. Abraham wants to distribute zakat Jahani fairly by assigning a monthly allowance of 500 dirham for each poor family, so they can take care of the basic needs in the home.

Though he gives in the interview that not everyone is as enthusiastic about the proposed plan: "the hope I won't lose, this project is and remains feasible. In due course, the participants will understand its potential. "