' Help to rein in ' masses

' Many people on Saint Martin are just trying to survive and do everything to eat and drink. We need to keep the masses in check. ' That says the former Prime Minister of St. Martin and current President of Parliament Sarah Wescott-Williams.

She responds to persistent stories about looting on the island that Wednesday was hit by the devastating hurricane Irma. There is, in its view, need help urgently.

"The devastation by Hurricane Irma on Saint Martin are so much worse than all previous hurricanes that we've been through. We still have no figures, "said Wescott-Williams. "But it is clear that the situation really is. We have a huge hit. No one had expected this. Everyone is amazed at the power of the hurricane. "

The former Prime Minister saw cars fly away "as matchboxes by the wind". Despite the devastation, in her view, many people still have hope that Saint Martin on the road.

Wescott-Williams has since Thursday through Facebook contact with friends and acquaintances. The current Prime Minister of Sint Maarten William Marlin has after passing the hurricane Irma officially still nothing make themselves heard.

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