Assessment of the Government: El Othmani holds meeting with political parties

The head the Government, Saad-Eddine El Othmani in Rabat Wednesday evening, met the representatives of the political parties that the majority (PJD, RNI-UC, MP, USFP, PPS).

During this meeting was shown on the balance sheet of the first four months of the current Government, reports Lefr360. A report will be presented at a Conference in Rabat next week with representatives of political parties, representatives of civil society, the business community and the press.

Not all political party leaders have attended the meeting Wednesday. This was marked by the absence of Adnan Baby, Secretary-General of the justice and Development Party (PJD) and that of Driss L, number one of the the Socialist Union of people's forces (USFP), which respectively were represented by Slimane Easwaran, Assistant Secretary General of the PJD and Mohamed Ben Abdelkader, Minister (on behalf of USFP) in charge of the reform of the public administration.