Two forest fires devastate in Tangier (video)

Two forest fires have destroyed parts of the forest on the outskirts of the city of Tangier. The fire department eventually got the fires under control.

Two forest fires near Tanger 18.5 hectares of forest damaged, before they got the fire under control Thursday, reports the provincial leadership of the High Commission for Water and forests and combating desertification (HCEFLCD).

About 11.5 hectares of forest is at the first fire in the province of Fahs-Anjra gone up in smoke, before it could be brought under control Wednesday night by different emergency services. The emergency services were supported by two fire-fighting aircraft of the type "Canadair" by FAR (Royal armed forces), Mohamed Nfaoui, the provincial director of HCEFLCD reported against the Moroccan news agency MAP.

The second fire broke out in the Prefecture of Tangier-Assilah, just after the first fire, and destroyed nearly 7 acres of forest that was primarily made from pine trees. Thursday morning was here given the signal fire master, said the same responsible.

Extreme heat, hard winds and a large amount of dry grass in the area made it difficult for the emergency services to despite their strenuous efforts, on the night of Wednesday to Thursday, this fire under control.

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