Amhali has to ignore for new show

Najib Amhali must ignore as host of the new program Little Big Stars.

In the RTL 4 show that starting tonight, children from home and abroad on the couch at Abas show what they can. They can, for example, a song singing, a sport exercise or muffins baking.

The comedian got the job done "in your lap" and notes that he has to get used to itself not to take up too much space. "Children come first", he stresses. "Last was there a kid with a drum set. My first reaction was put next to a drum kit and let me do it! But then I say: no, Najib, it's not about you. You may improvise, but stay in the background. "

ABAS went to Los Angeles to get to know Steve Harvey, the host of the American version of the program. "When he heard that I am also comedian and children, he said that I knew everything what I needed to know. The most important thing is that you not treats the children as if they are children. " The comedian still coaching got before he crawled in front of the camera as a presenter. "I think it's a great honor to be allowed to do this. But of course I am not a journalist or presenter. I also think it is still difficult to record video from myself. "

The new RTL-face felt it was important that the children not to waste a race were subjected. "It is fine that there other programs for, but I can not so much with it. The remaining children, which should motivate and encourage you especially. " Not everyone who participates in the program is equally good. "But it is also about the enthusiasm, and the open-mindedness with which they next to me on the couch. And every now and then be really toppers between we in ten years at the Olympics or the world's largest stages go back. "

The answer to the question with what talents would do his own children to the program, he must. "My children can of course everything has to be the best", he laughs. "But I notice especially that they are not yet aware of what television is. We have the pilot looked; My son of 5 asked if he also sometime with me if in television. "

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