Kenitra: police helicopters will I have to pay to come in handy after copper theft at high speed line

An annoying incident at the high speed Tangier-Casablanca who are still in the making.

Recently, reports the Moroccan medium Assabah, copper theft place near Kénitra. The perpetrators had targeted a piece of trail of the high-speed link Tangier-Casablanca where at present still rounding work.

Despite the fact that the piece of railroad not nearly as secure as the other parts, could be soon alarmed the local gendarmerie. In order to be able to trace the perpetrators as soon as possible was chosen for no less than 2 police helicopters.

Nevertheless, I managed not to find the copper thieves. By this incident were the work around the high-speed line a few days delayed. One is still looking for group offenders.

copper thieves