Antwerp addresses cocaine smuggling

The Colombian mafia and under more Dutch drug gangs are making increasing use of the port of Antwerp to smuggle cocaine to Europe.

They would do that because fewer containers are thoroughly controlled than in, for example, Rotterdam. The Belgian authorities have announced an offensive.

"Drug criminals with us in Antwerp work itself with drug money on in the" legal "upper world", quote Flemish media the Antwerp police. "It is not excluded that they gradually infiltrate various strategic sectors. Among others at the police, customs, justice and business world. '' The number of drug-related liquidations also increases.

Last year, nearly 30 tons coke intercepted in the port of Antwerp, six times more than three years earlier. The counter for this year stands at 13,000 km and in addition is in South America almost 20 tons of cocaine bound for Antwerp confiscated.

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