Qatari investment company will invest 50 million dirham in Moroccan tourism sector

The Qatari's come for 3 large scale projects in the South of Morocco

The usually well imported Moroccan Le360 came today with an important announcement for the Moroccan tourism sector. The medium know to report that the Qatari QInvest, in cooperation with the Moroccan Ithmar Capital, in 3 Moroccan tourist hotspots are going to invest.

It is a new ski resort in the winter sports resort of Oukaimeden, an amusement park in Marrakech and finally a completely newly decorated coastal strip in Guelmim Es-Smara.

To these 3 quality impulses in the Moroccan tourism landscape Qinvest and Ithmar Capital both to achieve are merged in a joint-venture, called Oryx Capital. The initial capital that is invested in the projects is 50 million dirham.